Friday, March 13, 2009


Twister is an action movie.The largest storm hits Oklahoma and some scientist try to catch a tornado and put a machine into it so that they can predict tornado's way.The whole movie is about that.I didn't like the script so much.It would be better.I like the special effects.they were wonderful.But some parts of that movie were nonsense.Even a home was flying because of the tornado,however Jo and Bill didn't fly.They run near the tornado,but they stayed alive.I think it is impossible for human beings.Moreover,we didn't see corpse in that movie.In real life,at least 50 people die because of tornadoes.Although the tornadoes in taht film were the strongest ones,we see a few dead people.In addition,The National Weather Service was working so fast.they gave information immediately.Finally,Ican say that the film would be better.Its effects are good,but the scenarist should have studied on the script much more.

The running hither of people,dust,fumes,people's running to cat in cars and driving toward the twister...The movie was full of action.But I was bored while watching.Because,in the movie,you feel as if you watch the same scene several times,even if the results were different.In this film,most attractive character is Jo.Jo is brave and determined.For example,she isn't bored to make the machine,Dorothy.several times.And I think the most attractive scene is her picking up the objects which scattered from the Dorothy even if she knows twister's coming toward her.I didn't like Melissa and her tedious love.She says 'Honeyy,Honey':) at any moment.At last,I didn't like the film but for Jo and her funny friends.

Frankly,I want to say that Twister is not much of a film,but I don't like it very much.The effects of the film were engrossing.I think they labour on these effects for a long time.But some scnes of the film are absolute nonsense.While such a devastating tornado was destroying everything around itself,how Bill and Jo survived.They hid under the bridge,the tractor,over the bidge,flew but the tornado didn't affect them at all.And at the other scene,they tied themselves to a pole of farm house and held onto each other.Tornado harmed plants,animals,houses whatever comes to your mind,but nothing happened to Jo and Bill.At the end,they achieved their aim and come together again.It is a happy ending.


Sunday, March 1, 2009


This book completely captivated me from the start.If you read one murder novel in the rest of your life, read "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It's only 500 pages but it speaks volumes.
"Crime and Punishment" is the story of a young man,Raskolnikov,who decides to kill an old woman for purely philosophical .Raskolnikov lives in Russia,Sankt Peterburg.He is a poor student.He believes that if he kills the woman he will be doing a favor to the society and with her money he can live better.It's about the horrible physical and psychologial effects on the Raskolnikov's mind.He kills two women(the rich woman and her sister)After this event he becames ill - he's delirious,he fells quilty.He is angry about these feelings because, as a superior human being he shouldn't be having these kinds of emotions.The novel continues through his emotional hell and finally he fells in love.He meets Sonia.But what is most fascinating is not the crime,the obsession.The book shows a lot of true and false moral values.Through the book I felt like the murderer,I felt as if I had committed the crime.Dostoyevski tells the story very intense that I was looking through Roskolnikov's eyes.While I was reading the book I think the question 'What Justifies The Murder?'.I figure out that we all have dangers in our minds,we try to justify our actions.After this book I believe that whoever commits a crime takes the consequences.If you hurt one,the life hurts you.Punishment comes after crime.
I think,Crime and Punishment is one of the best classics I have ever read.After this book I decided not to kill even an ant.I don't want to have guilty conscience.